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If you’re missing a tooth, it affects the way you speak and chew your food. At Pleasant Family Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, their skilled dentists provide dental bridges to replace missing teeth and restore your ability to chew food and speak clearly. Custom-made bridges are often an effective alternative to dental implants and offer long-lasting results. To learn more, call the office or book a consultation online today.

Dental Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a restorative device that replaces one or more missing teeth. They’re called bridges because they can fill the gap left by a missing tooth.

Pleasant Family Dentistry can customize your bridge and may use any of a number of materials to create it, including porcelain and metal.

How does a dental bridge work?

Your dentist will attach the bridge to your natural teeth surrounding the missing one using dental cement, or they may provide you with a removable bridge.

If you are receiving dental implants and the surrounding teeth don’t offer enough support, your provider may use a dental bridge and attach the artificial tooth directly to your gum tissue or jaw.

What’s the difference between a fixed and removable bridge?

A fixed bridge is a great option if you have missing teeth, but the remaining bone is still supportive and healthy. Your Pleasant Family Dentistry provider can create a fixed bridge by scraping a small amount of enamel from the surrounding teeth and cementing an artificial tooth in the space between.

A removable bridge is another option for replacing one or more missing teeth. This type of bridge has artificial teeth attached to a plastic base that fits into your mouth. Metal frames help keep the teeth together and connect the device to your natural teeth.

While removable bridges can be taken out for eating and cleaning, a fixed bridge remains in place and is cared for like your natural teeth.

Is a dental bridge procedure painful?

During the placement of your fixed bridge, your dentist can administer local anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the process. 

The bridge is customized to fit your mouth comfortably, but it may take several days for you to get used to having the bridge in your mouth. Over time, the bridge becomes less noticeable, and you begin to feel more comfortable when speaking and chewing food.

To determine which type of dental bridge is right for you, call Pleasant Family Dentistry, or use online booking to schedule a consultation today.