The Cleaning Practices That Pleasant Family Dentistry Is Using To Keep You Safe

In the dental market, cleaning is always of paramount importance. Cleaning routines are a significant part of running a successful and safe dental practice.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made cleaning more vital than ever before for all businesses, which is why many dental surgeries, including Pleasant Family Dentistry, have worked hard to optimize their cleaning routines.

As an essential business, we’ve remained open throughout the pandemic to offer our vital dental treatments. Now that the shelter in place orders are lifting, we’re able to offer additional treatments, including botox treatmentteeth bleachingroot canal treatment, and sleep apnea treatments.

Despite offering more treatments, we’ve remained deeply committed to cleanliness. We’ve put into place many cleaning practices that allow us to ensure that you’re safe and happy while you enjoy the best possible dental treatment.

If you’re interested to learn how we keep our popular dental surgery clean and sanitary, then read on, and we’ll explore the many ways that we work hard to ensure that it’s always pristine. 

Daily Cleaning Routines

Ever since we established Pleasant Family Dentistry more than 3 decades ago, we’ve committed ourselves to clean our surgery and equipment to the highest possible industry standards.

All of our staff go above and beyond the usual cleaning procedures for dental surgery. As a result, our patients always get the best possible service.

Our team wipes down every surface at the beginning of the day and clean everything between each patient. We also sterilize all of our metal equipment, such as scalpels and hand-held dental mirrors. 

Our team cleans our surfaces using disinfectant wipes and sterilizes all the equipment between uses throughout the day. 

At the end of the day, after all the patients leave, we don’t stop cleaning. Our staff wipe down every surface again and ensure that the entire surgery is ready for the next day. 

Even our waiting rooms and reception areas get a thorough clean throughout the day. We hoover the floors and wipe down all surfaces, as well as dusting the space so that you and your family can feel safe and enjoy a clean, relaxing wait for your dental treatment. 

Professional Cleaning Teams

While our in-house staff is committed to clinical excellence and cleanliness, we also work with an additional professional cleaners team.

These professional cleaning staff members receive a thorough briefing about the cleanliness standard that we expect from them. Additionally, our senior team checks their work regularly to ensure that it’s up to our high standards.

Our cleaning team scrubs every surface and cleans our floors so that they are pristine every day. Our in-house team deals with clinical matters, such as sterilization and disinfection. They also receive help from our outsourced professional cleaning team, who make sure that our surgery is as clean and safe as possible. 

High-Standards Of Personal Hygiene Expected From Staff

As well as our surgery, we also expect our staff to arrive at work clean and ready to start. We don’t accept poor personal hygiene from our staff, so you’ll always get served by an individual with a high cleanliness standard.

After all, dental surgery often requires practitioners to get close to patients, so we expect all of our staff, both clinical and non-clinical, to arrive clean and fresh when they start their shift.

Throughout the day, our staff receives regular breaks and the opportunity to tidy themselves and wash their hands. As such, they’re always fresh and ready to give you the best possible service. 

Non-Porous Surfaces

To optimize our cleaning practices and ensure that our surgery is always pristine, we have chosen our furnishings and surfaces with care.

All of our furniture, including our chairs and sofas, are non-porous. By choosing plastic-covered furnishings, which cannot absorb water or bacteria, we have ensured that our surgery doesn’t harbor bacteria or grime.

We use blinds instead of curtains to make our window coverings easy to wipe down and clean throughout the day. Every surface in our surgery is non-porous so that we can quickly disinfect it and remove all bacteria and dirt. 

Disposable Furniture Covers

As well as wiping down our dental chairs between patients, we also use disposable furniture covers to reduce the transmission of too much dirt and grime to our furniture.

Our disposable furniture covers are paper, and as such, they’re good for the environment and our patients. They’re comfortable to sit on and stop any bacteria from your body or clothes from transferring onto our furniture.

Once each patient leaves our dental surgery, we remove the disposable furniture cover and get rid of it in a bin. We never reuse them so that every patient gets a new one.

As such, we’re able to reassure our patients that we offer them a clean and sanitary space, where they can feel safe and enjoy our quality dental treatments.


Between patients, we disinfect our dental offices and surgeries by fogging them with a mixture of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) cleaner and disinfectant. 

These products are non-toxic and safe for patients and staff. However, they also deep-clean the surgery and remove bacteria and other particles. 

As a result, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy a quality treatment in a clean and sanitary environment, no matter how busy our surgery gets. 

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